John 12:24-26 & Death To Self

A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die in order to produce much fruit.

We are called to do so much in our walk as Christians, and one of the hardest practices is death to self. Jesus sets an example to focus on people rather than possessions and to repent from our sinfulness in order to seek the goodness of Christian life. We must fix our attention on the truth that transcends time rather than the earthly desires that die with our bodies.

Jesus says that “unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat.” He is calling us to fall away from the norm, to revoke every temporal notion of success and value in order to grow in holiness. And this doesn’t come easily. I’m sure it comes to no surprise of anyone that if you proclaim that you are a Christian, especially a Catholic Christian, you will not be well-received by many. Relationships become strained or fracture altogether. You will be rejected and cast off. Your actions and devotions will be questioned and ridiculed. But none of that matters. His desires for your life are far more worthy than the plans of those who condemn your love for Him. And the reward is so much greater.

It is in that leap, when we detach ourselves from earthly desires in order to pursue the one true desire, that we become free. We are no longer tied down to the convictions of those that hate us or feel obligated to earn their favor. Our only duty is to follow Jesus and allow Him to cultivate good fruit in our lives.

This world is not our eternity; the kingdom is. That is why we must turn ourselves away from our sinful desires to the everlasting and unchanging love of God.

So let go. Let go of whatever is hindering you from devoting your life to Him. Let go and serve Him and prepare to see the radical transformation in your heart when you lose your life for the sake of the one who saved it.


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