He Wants You

You know the poster of Uncle Sam that was used as propaganda to encourage young men to join the army that says “I want you” and has the intense gaze that seems to follow you regardless of the angle?

Now it oddly reminds me of Jesus, especially this one statue in my church where He’s spreading His arms wide, welcoming you to come to Him.

He wants you.

Yes, broken, messy, and beautiful you.

One thing that I’ve learned in my walk as a Christian is that Jesus does not turn anyone away because they are imperfect or sinful; his love does not exclude anyone.

God does not call His children based on the purity of their pasts; He will not discriminate by the choices you have made or the things you’ve done. He doesn’t care if you sing hymns off-key or if your GPA isn’t a 4.0; it also doesn’t matter if you don’t have your life together or anything figured out. Guess what, not a single one of us does.

He wants each and every one of you because He loves you. The measure of your earthly success or your esteem is irrelevant. The Lord did not come into this world as a regal King or a mighty warrior. He was not born in a stately palace. He humbled Himself to meet us where we are so that we might recognize the error of our foolishness and take up our crosses and follow Him. If Jesus can look past your fears and your worries and insecurities and endure the most agonizing death for your sake and love you just the same, you are allowed to love yourself. And you can accept Him into your heart. His love is far greater than any scars you bear or secrets you carry. So lay them all down at His feet and let Him love you.

Yes, you.


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