Get Up and Move

We are the Lord’s creation, and we are good. Fact.

We are imperfect human beings, and we don’t have this balanced life thing down. Fact.

And for a lot of us, especially in college, this means slacking off on the self-care end of things like fitness.

I’ll admit, I like chocolate glazed donut holes as much as I like grilled chicken salad. I love hiking and pilates, but I also love lounging on the couch and watching endless episodes of I Love Lucy and The Office (laughing burns calories, right?)

I am also the person who has made a thousand and one different fitness plans and tried to execute them, only to get sick or busy or lazy and give up after a few weeks.

I am trying to change this.

Because I’m still young, my experience with health and fitness in an authentic way is limited. I was able to eat whatever I wanted and do minimal exercise with no consequence until my senior year of high school when I started to notice some changes. Up until that point, my only motivation for staying in shape was for vanity. I wanted to look good more than I wanted to feel good, and I didn’t even have to try too hard to do that.

And it’s still a bit for vanity, I’ll admit. I’m not entirely fond of the way that some of my favorite snacks have settled in certain places. But my main purpose for wanting to get in shape and stay healthy is to respect the way that the Lord made me. He crafted me so carefully, so beautifully, that I’m sick of not being able to use my full potential to serve Him and others and experience His creation in its fullness. I want to be able to climb trees and become an ADK 46’er and volunteer in ways that are physically demanding and someday chase my kids around. I want my body to be in healthy enough shape that I can live to see my great-grandkids. I never want to have to refuse myself or anyone else an opportunity because my little spaghetti arms are too scrawny to participate. And in order to do these things, I need to be healthy. I’m not talking a complete overhaul with a six-pack and biceps bigger than my skull. This isn’t about reaching a weight or lifting a certain weight or fitting into a size 00 or eating paleo-all natural-locally grown-organic 100% of the time. I’m talking something manageable – a healthy life. Eating foods that fuel my energy, exercise that builds a strong body, and a sleep schedule that keeps me awake enough to go forth and live without feeling fatigued. Now, it’s health first.

So I’m here again, doing little things every day to keep myself moving, swapping out junk foods for the healthier ones, and trying to get off my phone and get on the elliptical (or at least look at my phone while on the elliptical) so that I can keep myself strong. Trying to convince myself that sleep is more important than entertainment that keeps me up into the wee hours of the morning (or the papers that I should have written earlier), trying again to keep a consistent fitness routine. But even if I fail, I’m not going to get frustrated with myself or give up permanently or decide that it’s impossible. This time, it’s a healthy attitude that will make me keep trying again and again. Because God gave me a body so that I can live and serve Him and others, and I can’t do that the way that I know I’m being called to if I’m not in good health.



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